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Shipping & Returns

Software Sales:

All Visimation software is available for a free, no-obligation, time-limited trial before purchase. If you decide to purchase, you will receive unlock codes for your software to remove the time limitation.

After you have purchased software and after we have sent your unlock code, the sale is final and no refund is possible. If we receive notification of your request for refund before the code is sent, we will happily refund your full purchase price. This will be done by crediting the card that was originally used for purchase or by check if the purchase was made by check.

Stencil Sales:

All shapes associated with ShapeSuite sets and Visio stencils may be viewed prior to purchase. Once a stencil is purchased, the sale is final and no refund is possible.

A refund may be provided if our software or stencil fails to perform. Refunds are provided ONLY AFTER our staff has assisted in your installation and the software fails to function fully. Visimation will determine if a refund is necessary based on individual situations.

How the refund process works:

Once we received your refund request, we will confirm and process your refund in 72 hours and cancel your license. We will inform you via email once the refund process is completed.

Things that you MUST do after requesting refund:

  • Your license for the product will be terminated
  • You must remove all hard and soft copies of the product from the system
  • You must remove all the data of the product from your database

To request refund, please contact us at [email protected].

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