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Resources & Links

We're pretty darn good but we can't do it all.  Below are a list of quality resources that provide additional Visio shapes, stencils, templates and add-ons.

Free network shapes from leading manufacturers.  Their quality is quite similar to what Visimation develops and posts on ShapeSource. Like Visimation, VisioCafe's developers create shape libraries for manufacturers to distribute to their customers from their own web sites as well as from VisioCafe. Most excellent work, eh?
Visio stencils for electronics and electrical engineering, software engineering, Visio tools and utilities. Shockingly superb stencils for electrical design and more.
Brilliant Brit and Microsoft MVP David Parker founded bVisual to provide Visio development services, add-ons, and consulting for a broad range of business tasks.
Microsoft Visio 2013 Business Process Diagramming and Validation

Microsoft Visio 2013
Business Process Diagramming and Validation

David Parker's definitive reference on how to maximize your use of Visio 2013 for illustrating and managing all kinds of business processes. David leaves no stones unturned on this topic.
Buy it here.

Chris Roth's ultimate source of creative Visio thought and information. Hundreds of ingenious examples of how to use Visio in unique ways. Also an excellent forum for answers to questions that have haunted you for your entire life.
A superb Microsoft MVP blog with articles galore on Visio. John will simply not stop until he makes you smarter, so suck it up... his information, that is.
The original collection of links to Visio stencils and resources. Microsoft MVP John Marshall includes so many valuable pointers that you may find yourself cutting your time on Reddit just so you can explore.
The most powerful task and process mapping tool for Visio that we know is from the Harvard Computing Group. If Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates hadn't been college dropouts they might have made something of themselves like these Harvard guys.
Jonathan Cusson is an IT expert with his head in the Cloud. He also specializes in virtualization, infrastructure architecture, and Microsoft solutions. Jonathan uses Visio extensively in his work and has created some very useful Visio stencils that he offers for download on his site.
Pavel Hruby, Ph.D. is an expert in software architectures, software design methods, patterns, and new trends in software development. Pavel offers a set of very popular Visio stencils for UML and SysML.
Square Mile Systems David Cuthbertson is the founder of Square Mile Systems in the UK and an expert on network documentation.  If you want to know where the heck your equipment is, Square Mile products will help you... even if it's sitting in a closet somewhere.
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