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Automatically generates quantity and bill of materials lists for estimates and sales proposals. For Visio 2007 and later 32-bit versions. Try it FREE for 10 days... click Download Sample.
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Last updated on 4/25/2023 1:53:43 PM

Use Visio with QuotePix™ to Design... Estimate... Sell...  

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  Introduction to QuotePix (4 min) HVAC Controls (5 min)  Coming Soon
  QuotePix for Juniper Networks (3 min) Security Systems (3 min)  Coming Soon
 Getting Started with QuotePix - Furniture Systems

Latest Features:

  • Improved reporting feature makes it easier to generate bill of materials and estimates
  • Generate report to Visio shape or Excel file
  • Estimate wire and cable runs with the new Wire and Cable Template for QuotePix (included with purchase)

Introducing the essential tool for drawing and counting components that are assembled into systems...

Since 1997, Visimation Inc. has been providing custom software solutions based on Microsoft Office Visio that solve difficult business and technical problems.  Visimation is now offering QuotePix, a low-cost generic program that generates quantity takeoffs and bill of materials reports automatically from Visio drawings.

What is QuotePix?
Visimation QuotePix is an add-on program for Microsoft Office Visio that provides sales people, engineers, and customers with the ability to easily generate simple estimates directly from Visio drawings.  QuotePix dynamically calculates and displays quantities of the items on each Visio page.  It accurately tracks what’s been added, subtracted, and changed in the system you are configuring to help verify that it meets your design criteria or customers’ needs.  QuotePix generates a quote on an Excel spreadsheet tailored to your company’s branding and formatting preferences.  

Who needs QuotePix?
QuotePix is ideally suited for any size company that manufactures and/or sells products that are assembled into systems such as:

  • Network equipment
  • Building controls
  • Security systems
  • Furniture
  • Fire and safety
  • Medical equipment and exam rooms
  • Factory floors
    … and much more

How does QuotePix work with Visio?

QuotePix works with Visio 2003 and later.  The program works with any stencil included with the Visio product as well as any custom stencils.  When used with Visio 2007 and later, QuotePix can easily import product and pricing information from other data sources including Excel, Access, SQL, and more.  Link the data to your shapes, view the quantity take-offs, and generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) that lists the descriptions and pricing information you need.  

The QuotePix user interface includes a Visio menu item and Visio toolbar so it looks just like the Visio you are accustomed to… but with added features.  QuotePix provides a collection of sample templates for a variety of uses and you can also create your own.  

QuotePix Features

  • Dynamically updates quantities in a BOM Status window as items are added or removed
  • Automatically generate a BOM in Excel
  • Format an Excel template with company logo and any specified information to be extracted from the drawings and presented in the BOM
  • Link external data to drawing objects (Visio 2007 and later only)
  • SmartTags indicate items to include or exclude from the BOM calculations
  • Convert any existing shape to enable it for QuotePix
  • Specify any type of project information such as customer, location, date, etc.
  • Use existing Visio stencils for creating floor plans to layout a system
  • Use dimensions, notations, and other Visio stencils to complete the submittal drawing

QuotePix Benefits

  • Improves productivity and the quality of your submittals
  • Increase sales and enhance customer service by quickly responding to requests for proposals
  • Reduce errors, omissions, and misunderstandings through clear and accurate visual submittals
  • Generate proposed design drawings and estimates in a fraction of the time it takes without automation
  • Minimize or eliminate re-work due to inconsistencies between drawings and estimate calculations
  • Produce appealing visuals that represent your company and solution more effectively than with CAD drawings
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