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GIS Data Import for Microsoft MapPoint®

Import ESRI and MapInfo data into Microsoft MapPoint. Try it FREE for 10 days... click Download Sample.
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Last updated on 11/12/2013 12:32:39 PM

Visimation's GIS Data Import for Microsoft MapPoint utility enables GIS data to be viewed in MapPoint. Since MapPoint is considerably less costly than GIS systems, as well as much easier to use, MapPoint can provide the features that many users of geographic information need without the complexity and expense. Visimation's GIS Data Import for Microsoft MapPoint supports two of the most popular GIS file formats... ESRI ShapeFiles and MapInfo MIF file. After import, the lines and polygons from the GIS file will display in MapPoint. The Data Import utility's Shape Property Viewer is a floating window that will display any text information associated with the shapes in the original GIS file.

Microsoft MapPoint® is a geographic visualization application that displays various types of data within the context of maps. While it is not a geographic information system (GIS) in the fullest sense, it can support many GIS related tasks and is very well suited to displaying business, demographic, resource, and other forms of data overlaid on maps. MapPoint also calculates routing and provides driving directions between multiple locations.

Latest Features

  • Converts local coordinate systems on import to WGS 84 if there is a valid .prj file with the .shp or .mif file
  • Set line color, line weight, and fill color within the import utility
  • Select "display behind roads" to show roads on top of imported filled shapes
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