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Print multiple Visio files in batch mode without the need to open and print each one separately. For Visio 2007 and 2010 32-bit versions. Try it FREE for 10 days... click Download Sample.
SKU: VisiBatchPrint
Last updated on 12/12/2013 12:59:45 PM

"VisiBatchPrint is fantastic! This tool saves us tremendous time each month as we build our work packets. We print over 3000 Visio documents per month. The product was already a huge time saver, and the new features are really going to improve our productivity. Batch printing multiple page files will save us days by itself. Thanks!"

Chris Bailey - GMR Protection Resources, Inc.

VisiBatchPrint™ is a “batch” printing utility that allows the user to select a set of drawing files to be printed by Microsoft® Visio®, without manually opening each of these files inside Visio first.


Import a list of files from a CSV (comma separated value) text file containing the full path names for each file Export files lists created in VisiBatchPrint to a CSV file to save commonly used batch jobs Choose to print all pages of multiple page files or just the first page


  • Provides a simple user interface in which to build a list of files to be printed
  • Re-order the lists as required with move-up and move-down buttons
  • Create text files listing the files to be printed for common print jobs and import the lists to VisiBatchPrint... you don't need to recreate the list in the user interface each time you want to print
  • Export your file list to a CSV file to save the batch job
  • Drag and Drop directly from file windows into the batch list
  • No need to open Visio to print Visio files