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Picture of Channel Management Brainstorm

Channel Management Brainstorm

This template illustrates how to use the Visio Brainstorm template to plan a channel strategy for a software product. It shows various markets targeted for the product, and channel partners that can add value to the product in specific markets. The diagram helps the product or channel manager set priorities by showing which markets are considered most attractive, and which potential partners have the strongest skills.
SKU: Template-BrainstormChannelMgmt
Last updated on 3/2/2015 4:55:48 PM

Contents of the Template

This sample template opens the following standard Visio stencils:

- Brainstorming

- Backgrounds

- Borders and Titles

- Legend Shapes

This sample template contains the following pages:

- Strategy Map

- Background

Understanding the Template Diagram

The template considers a fictional software product designed for generating computer graphics and drawings, similar to Visio 2003.  This drawing describes:

- Markets the product may be useful for

- Potential channel partners that can broaden the appeal and distribution of the product

- Prioritization (by color) to help you make informed decisions regarding how to apply valuable resources

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