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TechGuy Leo Laporte Interview on ShapeSource

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tech Guy Leo Laporte Hosts Radio Interview About Microsoft Visio

Leo Laporte, highly respected tech industry journalist and host of the syndicated radio program "The Tech Guy", interviewed Brett Newman, President and CEO of Visimation Inc. on the subject of Microsoft Visio.  The pre-recorded interview took place in The Cottage, Leo's studio headquarters in Petaluma, CA for broadcast during Leo's upcoming trip to China.

"I asked Brett Newman to come in to talk about a program that many of you (in the audience) have, but most of you have never used, and you may not even know what it does," Leo comments in his introduction.

The discussion briefly covers historical facts about Visio as well as the many common and uncommon uses for this powerful yet easy to use drawing program.  Business diagrams, network designs, security, laboratories, crime scenes, factories, and much more.  Leo visits and asks about the many Visio stencils available for free and for purchase.  He especially liked the China maps because he was about to embark on a trip to China.

Access The Tech Guy programs and archives at and on iTunes.  Listen to this interview from the link on the home page.

About Visimation, Inc.
Visimation is a quality provider of visual software solutions that help organizations improve productivity, enhance communications, and grow revenue. The company focuses on Microsoft® Visio® as a platform for developing powerful and dynamic visual programs that make it possible to conceptualize and interact with critical data. Founded in 1997, Visimation has attained industry-wide recognition for their ability to solve complex business and technical problems through the integration of Microsoft Visio, Office, and databases with enterprise systems. Its clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to government agencies as well as a variety of smaller businesses, located throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Visimation is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington near Seattle with an office in Northern California. For more information please visit

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