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QuotePix: Why are the shapes in my drawing not being counted by QuotePix?

QuotePix is designed to be flexible enough to work with any Visio stencil, shape, and drawing type.  Because of this flexibility, QuotePix requires some initial setup so that it knows what to count in its Bill of Materials (BOM) calculations. 

The default templates open Visio Standard or Professional stencils.  If these symbols are sufficient for your drawing, you can begin your design by dragging from the stencil to the page.
As you draw, note that many of the shapes display a SmartTag  to designate that it will appear in the Bill of Materials.  That is because this QuotePix template has been set to recognize the Shape Data (Custom Properties) field “Part number” as the information that identifies an item to be counted.  You can see this in the Define BOM Items dialog from the QuotePix menu.

The above values are the default for the HVAC template included with QuotePix.  If you have a set of shapes that use other Properties (like "Part #" instead of "Part Number"), you can change what QuotePix will look for by selecting another Property in this dialog.

  • You can turn off the SmartTag display by clicking the  icon in the QuotePix toolbar. You may want to do this if your drawing becomes dense with BOM items.
  • Click the SmartTag and uncheck the box to change it to  if you do NOT want the item to be included in the BOM.
  • Not all of the shapes on the standard Visio stencils have Part number fields for Shape Data.  If you have shapes in the drawing that you want to include in a BOM, select one or more of them on the Visio drawing and then click QuotePix>Convert Shape(s) to BOM item(s).  QuotePix will add the Shape Data field that is designated in the Define BOM Items dialog to identify shapes as BOM items.

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Created on: 1/8/2019 8:17 AM