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How do I re-install my ShapeSuite stencils if I move to another PC or I replace my hard drive?

ach licensed copy of a ShapeSuite may either be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or installed on a single workstation used nonsimultaneously by multiple people.  To re-install on an upgraded system simply follow the instructions in the readme.txt file included in the zip file that you downloaded.  These intructions are also listed below:


To install these stencils, simply unzip the stencils into any directory you wish on your machine.

In order to access the stencils from the File > Stencils menu (or File > Shapes menu for Visio 2003), you will need to change Visio's stencil File Path to point to the directory where you unzipped your stencils.

To alter Visio's file paths, go to Tools > Options > File Paths Tab (or Tools > Options > Advanced Tab > File Paths Button for Visio 2003).  In the field called stencils, put the full path to the directory of your stencil files, e.g:

1. C:\Documents and Settings\usera\My Documents\Unzipped Shapes  (Full absolute path)
2. \\MyServer\My Shared Folder\Unzipped Shapes  (Full UNC path)
3. 1033\Solutions\Unzipped Shapes  (Relative Path within the Visio root folder, not recommended)

If there is already a path written in, DO NOT erase it.  Instead, append your path using a semi-colon, e.g.:

Exisitingpath\exisitngfolder;C:\Documents and Settings\usera\My Documents\Unzipped Shapes

Now, after exiting the dialogs (don't forget to click OK), you should see your stencils appear in the File > Stencils menu (or File > Shapes menu in Visio 2003).  If you don't, try restarting Visio.  If you still don't, make sure that your file paths are absolutely correct.