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ALC Introduces EDS Developed by Visimation

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Designed for the North American market, Engineering Design Suite (EDS) is a customizable and portable software solution to streamline engineering tasks and the submittal process. As an add-in to Microsoft Visio® 2013, EDS improves the usefulness of engineering drawings for installation and commissioning.

EDS Helps With

1. Completion of engineering as accurately and as cost effective as possible

2. Making drawings useful for installing and commissioning

3. Engineers keep up to date with new product from both ALC and outside vendors

4. Getting new employees up to speed on engineering

5. Reporting

6. Revision control

Key Features

• Easy creation of installation friendly drawings

• Utilizes Microsoft Visio…a cost effective industry standard drawing tool

• Advanced reporting across multiple Visio files

• Enhanced building riser management

• Library creation and search

• Advanced page numbering/revision control/wiring solutions

• Sequence of operation generator

• 1,600 built in components with data sheets

• Valve schedule creator with 12,000 valve/actuator combinations available

• Installation details

• Automated creation of final drawing package

• Customize to suit valves for your dealer/branch office

• Cv calculation for water and steam

• Engineering calculators and conversions built-in

• Allows manual valve entry

• Outputs to Excel – Stand alone or embed in a Visio drawing

For more information, ALC dealers should contact their ALC Technical Support representatives.